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September 18, 2016 by Sara Hanks
  We live in a world without borders. Securities laws, however, have clearly-defined jurisdictional limits, many of them inconsistent across countries. We live in a world where information wants to be free. Securities laws, however, have very clear ideas about how where information is allowed to go and who is responsible for it. This is all becoming evident in the area of securities crowdfunding. I’ve come across a couple of issues recently which underline the need for a clear, comprehensible, cross-jurisdictional agreement as to whose laws will apply to what transactions and when people should be allowed to invest in an offering being made in another country....
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October 17, 2014 by Sara Hanks
I first started going on about Regulation S and online offerings back in 2012, when I noticed that US companies were doing offerings theoretically "outside" the United States without paying any attention to the requirements of US securities law. Then CrowdCheck started working on EB-5 offerings, and we were absolutely appalled at the ignorance of securities law in general and the extraterritorial application of securities law in particular. And it's still going on. We've seen a couple of deals recently where securities are being offered simultaneously on US and non-US online platforms and seen some "issues" there. So we are working on a series of memos and...
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